JVC Arsenal KD-AHD69

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

You may have heard about iTunes Tagging recently but you may not be sure about what it is or what it does exactly. Well, it is actually a way for listeners to engage with the HD Radio programming that they have on their receiver. If you have an iTunes tagging HD Radio receiver, the tagging process becomes really simple. Once you find an HD Radio station, the screen will display artist and track details. After finding the information you want to save, just press the “Tag” button to save song information that you like. The receiver than stores the song information and stores it onto a connected iPod. Now, how do you receive the song information that has just been saved to your iPod? Once your iPod has been synced to your computer, iTunes builds a playlists based on the tagged songs so that listeners can preview, buy and download their favorite songs. This comes in particularly handy if you tend to forget the names of your favorite songs.

Radio is one of the easiest ways for listeners to discover new music that they have never listened to before. And with iPod and iTunes becoming more popular every day, it is no wonder why they have decided to combine with HD Radio to make music easier to listen to. By having this integrated into your receiver, you will be able to download music conveniently to your iPod. The JVC KD-AHD69 is a perfect example of a head unit with the iTunes Tagging feature. It comes with built-HD radio with the iTunes tagging feature that will allow you to tag your favorite songs and put them on your iPod for later purchase.  This tagging feature is an innovative option that is not seen on most receivers just yet. As you can see above though, it is a neat option that will make listening to music easier than ever.