How do you maximize space without sacrificing sound? For many car owners, the answer is a vehicle specific subwoofer enclosure. Car specific subwoofer enclosures are custom built to match your car’s interior design and dimensions. A sub box custom built for your car allows you to build bass packages that can fit perfectly behind seats or in the contours of your trunk.

Depending on your vehicle, a custom box may be available. Dodge owners can add a custom Dodge subwoofer enclosure. These sub boxes are exclusively designed for Dodge trucks or cars. Slender dual truck boxes are available and will fit behind seats in both quad cab and standard Dodge Ram trucks. These subwoofer enclosures are not only brand specific, but also year specific to match your personal vehicle.

Ford owners, you can also add a custom built sub box designed specifically for your Ford vehicle. That includes angled truck boxes for regular cab trucks like the Ford Ranger, and specially designed dual and single boxes for extended cab Ford trucks. These boxes enable you to bring bass to your Ford vehicle without wasting all of the cargo space.

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We also carry various types of car specific subwoofer boxes that include built-in subwoofers. JL Audio Stealthboxes are custom enclosures loaded with subs that match your vehicle’s interior colors. These preloaded custom sub boxes give your aftermarket system a smooth, factory integrated appearance. Subwoofer boxes can be clunky blocks that take up much needed cargo room. Stealthboxes enable you to conserve space with style. JL Audio hired engineers to test specific vehicles for the optimal size and placement of subwoofer enclosures. As a result, JL Audio Stealthboxes give you optimal sound and fit in spots where the placement will create the least amount of obstruction.

MTX ThunderForm enclosures are another extremely popular brand for sub enclosures. These custom built subwoofer boxes are designed to match your vehicle’s dimensions and interior. MTX Audio designed ThunderForm sub boxes to fill in the wasted space in your vehicle. ThunderForm boxes use high density polyethylene resin, a very durable material that can withstand bass pounding from loud subwoofers. Some ThunderForm enclosures are even amplified, meaning they are loaded with an amplifier. These are great all-in-one combo options that seamlessly match your vehicle.

Though it probably goes without saying, make sure you know the exact year, make and model of your vehicle before you order a vehicle specific subwoofer enclosure. The last thing you want is to receive a box that would be a perfect fit…only you don’t actually own the vehicle it is designed to fit in. As long as you order the right box for your vehicle, you are sure to be satisified.

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