Monster Cable Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Speakers

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Starting off in a house garage in 1979, Monster Cable has grown from a two person operation to a multi-million dollar cable and accessories company providing the world with a reliable, efficient speaker wire that has now hit 2010 with a bang. Within most Monster Cable headphone designs, Control Talk feature provides convenient, hands-free calling from any iPhone or cellular device with a standard 1/8” headphone jack. Monster has taken in-ear headphones to a whole new level providing outstanding sound quality, comfort, and sleek design throughout all their products.

Shopping for headphones isn’t exciting until you know the details and quality of the ear buds.
When you think of in-ear headphones, you may not consider it to be the most comfortable way to listen to music; however the in-ear design provides a tight fit and seal within the ear canal eliminating outside noise. For starters, the high performance Monster Turbine in-ear speakers with all metal housing are perfect for the everyday user. On the other hand when it comes to audiophiles and reference users, the Turbine Pro Gold or Turbine Pro Copper in-ear headphones bring sound isolation and high performance quality to a new world of audio.

When an artist or DJ is a huge hit, most of their products come out with outstanding reviews. When Monster Cable partnered with P Diddy and Dr. Dre to release the DiddyBeats series on earbuds, the media exploded. Comparisons between over-the-ear headphones and the in-ear design show these little guys not only have power, but have proven to be extremely durable while keeping a consistent high quality sound. Whether you are looking for in-ear, over-the-ear, or around the neck, Monster Cable has got it all. Following the tradition of the Studio Beats, the Monster Beats by Dre in-ear headphones bring the user the best possible sound an ear bud can provide while keeping innovative features to turn heads with an eye-catching design.

Girls need accessories. Whether it’s to match their purse, outfit, or even makeup, Monster Cable has partnered with Lady GaGa herself to produce HeartBeats with a high quality ear bud and tangle free cable. Staying on the cutting edge of fashion, this series is available in chrome, black, or red to keep any girl in the most up-to-date style. For a more comfortable, lightweight design, the Lil’ Jamz series headphones provide big sound in a small package. Crystal clear sound and deep bass, these headphones have become very popular within professional DJs, audiophiles or the daily user. Most in-ear buds are constructed with anti-resonating solid metal providing optimum sound with less interference. On this current path with over 4000 product lines, Monster Cable has easily dominated the US market as an industry leader selling efficient cable and accessories in virtually every store.