Planet Audio Car Audio

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

It is always exciting to witness the addition of a new product line to the Sonic Electronix website.  Whether the manufacturer is new to Sonic or it is just newly released products, there are still new products to check out.  Recently, the specialists over at Sonic Electronix had the chance to add a new line of audio components to their site that merge the gap between quality and low-prices.  This new company is called Planet Audio.

Since the founding of Planet Audio, they have strived to bring top-notch performance into the vehicle while keeping the costs low.  For some, this might seem like an impossible task, however Planet audio is able to successfully achieve this.  For example, lets look at the Planet Audio BB2400.1 Big Bang Series car amplifier.  It features Class D circuitry for greater power output, while keeping a smaller chassis.  As indicated by the model number, it can continuously output 2400 watts when wired to 1 ohm.  With that much power output, this amp is capable of powering even the most power hungry subwoofers. Along with the Big Bang series, Planet Audio also offers the Apocalyse, Anarchy, and Torq amplifiers.

Moving from car amps to speakers, Planet Audio offers a wide selection of speakers.  No matter what size of car speaker your car requires or how much wattage you want to give your speakers, they have a solution for you.  They offer several different series of speakers for the high-end audiophile or the beginner’s entry-level system.  No system is complete without a loud subwoofer!  Planet audio subwoofers are each designed to bring excellent sound quality to your car’s audio system.  The 12” Big Bang 2 series subwoofer is a popular subwoofer that features a low price and high output.   At 1200 watts RMS, it becomes the perfect companion for the BB2400.1 monoblock car amplifier that was previously mentioned.  With Planet Audio, you are one step closer to having the perfect audio system.