Fanny Wang On Ear Wangs (Black)

For the music enthusiast there are literally hundreds of headphone companies to choose from. Some companies specialize in a particular style and design of headphones, while others mass produce just about any style you can think of. If you care about the style and fashion and at the same time the quality and performance that comes with on-ear headphones, then On-Ear Wang’s by Fanny Wang are the headphones for you. Fanny Wang engineers and designers have brought over 40 years of experience and have designed an on-ear headphone that not only creates a fashion statement, but also delivers high quality and performance. Fanny Wang has taken a trend that was started by Monster Cable’s ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ and have made it all their own. It is fair to say that these On-Ear Wang’s rival Beats by Dre in fashion, sound quality and price. For most of us headphones are just a device that we use to listen to our music, but Fanny Wang has taken this category and has made it into an accessory that redefines the way we look at headphones.

On-Ear Wang’s are constructed to deliver a natural bass and at the same time deliver highs and mids that are clean and clear. This is done by the use of Titanium-plated 40mm matched drivers. These drivers provide a rich bass without compromising the rest of sound spectrum by enhancing the overall sound and quality that you don’t find in other on-ear headphones. Headphones are usually associated as a personal audio device, since we mainly only use them when we want to isolate our music from any ambient noise. On-Ear Wang’s have integrated a Duo Jack in-line cable splitter that allows for social media to be incorporated into music listening. The Duo Jack is very unique and something that is rarely found in any headphone, whether it be high-end or low-end. With the Duo Jack you can share your music with virtually anybody at anytime without losing the quality and sound that comes with these headphones. A tri-fold design that features secured Aluminum hinges and removable cord, allows for the easy and quick stashing and protection of these headphones making them safe to carry and extremely portable when put into their personal carrying pouch. The engineering that went in to the sound production of these headphones is abundantly obvious and with a reasonable price range, On-Ear Wang’s are not to be passed by.

Everyone does not have the same taste in style or fashion, Fanny Wang has addressed this issue by making their On-Ear Wang’s available in three different colors, red, white, and black. Allowing for a more personalized look that still allows for a unique sense of character for every person. These headphones feature a unique and glossy wave design that makes them stand out above the rest. The design can be seen on the outside from ear cup to ear cup. Fashion is not important without comfort; along with their iconic design a svelte and classy modern headband provides comfort during all listening sessions. Cushioned ear cups not only ensure enjoyment while listening but also create a seal around the ear that enriches the quality and sound of any genre of music. With these comfort features and unique presentation, On-Ear Wang’s will allow you to make a definitive statement to the music world around you.