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The 3 Best Over the Ear Headphones Under $100

Over ear headphones definitely have some great advantages over on ear or in ear headphones when it comes to getting the best sound out of...

On Ear vs Over Ear Headphones

When it comes to over-the-head headphones, there are two major types - on ear and over ear headphones. In short, on ear headphones feature an...

New Sennheiser Urbanite Headphones

Let your ears be loved: Sennheiser’s new on-ear URBANITE and over-ear URBANITE XL deliver unique style and an intense club sound on the move...

Selecting the Best Headphone Type: Closed-Back, Open-Back, and Semi-Open Back

When searching for a new pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones, one important step to making the best selection is to consider all the...

Make a Statement with Fanny Wang On-Ear Wang’s Headphones

For the music enthusiast there are literally hundreds of headphone companies to choose from. Some companies specialize in a particular style and design of...