2011 May Macro Mayhem Car Audio Contest

A new month means a new contest here at Sonic Electronix. This May, Sonic is hosting a brand new contest that they have never before held. This is the May Macro Mayhem contest and is a great way to get some high-end gear for your ride. By following the simple instructions below, you will be able to enter the contest quickly!

How to Enter:

Step 1: Look at the image on the May Macro Mayhem page
Step 2: Search SonicElectronix.com to find what product the image belongs to
Step 3: Click the Make a Guess button on the May Macro Mayhem page to submit your guess

Each of the images on the May Macro Mayhem page show a close up part of the item Sonic is giving away. That zoomed in image is one of the key selling features of the product. If you think that you know what product the close up image is of, then click the “Make a Guess” button to submit your best guess to Sonic. If you have guessed correctly, then Sonic will notify you of the correct answer and you will win that item! It is as simple as that.

Grab your magnifying glass, put on your thinking cap, and start searching for these popular items!