Backup cameras used to be a feature that were exclusive to luxury vehicles. However, in 2019 backup cameras now come standard in many vehicles. For those of us who don’t have this option our vehicles, we must look elsewhere. The good thing is that there are dozens of aftermarkets options and configurations that you can install in your car. Follow these fast facts and purchase and install the best camera for you.

Make sure your head unit can support your camera

If you are buying a backup camera that you intend on installing directly into your aftermarket head unit, make sure it is compatible first. Most touchscreen, double-din stereos should support this feature. One of the best times to actually install a backup camera is when you are also installing an aftermarket stereo, so you can do it all at once. If you are unsure if your receiver is compatible, just check the included paperwork.

There are Both Vehicle Specific and Universal Options

If you are looking to keep your factory touchscreen head unit there some options out there for you like these. However, there are also many other Universal options as well. This means that they are not vehicle specific. This allows you to place them on any vehicle and connect them to a multitude of different aftermarket head units.

There are multiple types of aftermarket mounts

Are you looking for something that is just a really simple install? If that’s the case, your best option is a license plate mount. However, if you are looking for something with more of a bracket mount design, something like this Belva BBCAM3 might be a better option. This BBCAM offers an adjustable bracket so that you can adjust the viewing angle to your preference.

Some Backup Cameras Offer Forms of “Night Vision”

It’s important to note that not all aftermarket cameras are going to offer the same capabilities especially when it comes to Night Vision. Some cameras have LEDs that light up the area around the camera similar to the flash on your cell phone while some don’t. If you don’t have this option, you can still use your backup camera due to your taillights, it will just be more difficult to see. A third option would be a camera with IR Night Vison. This option will be the best option for low light, low visibility situations.

Properly Installing a Backup Camera Requires Some Time

The size of a backup camera kit can be deceiving. Just because the kit is small and simple doesn’t mean it’s going to be a simple hook up and go. The process of installing the camera is not that complicated, just time consuming. This is simply because you have to run the wires all the way from the trunk to the dash. For a seasoned veteran who has installed multiple amps and sub woofers, this may sound simple, but to a first time DIYer this is a big task. You will have to carefully remove the trunk liner as well as trim inside the vehicle.

If you have anymore questions about installing a backup camera read our article on our learning center or check out the video below.