Knowing the Facts

These days car accidents happen far too frequently. According to Association for Safe International Road Travel, car accidents cost $230.6 billion in damages, per year, in the US alone. Also, there are 6 million car accidents yearly in the United States. To add to that, hit and run accidents happen everyday, across the country. The AAA foundation compiled some pretty daunting statistics related to this. In 2015, Nearly 12% of all accidents are hit and run incidents; That equates to 737,100 accidents.

Why you Need One

Knowing these statistics, it’s important to protect yourself and those around you. Unfortunately, accidents happen and they are scary part of driving. If you are involved in one or happen to witness one, it’s good to have a recording of it to hold everyone involved accountable. For example, if you happen to witness a hit and run, having a dash cam gives you the ability to record the whole incident. You can truly see what happened, who’s at fault, the car model and the license plate number. This would immensely help law enforcement find the individual responsible.

Dash Cam Features

Most dash cams are small and compact and will not block the driver’s visibility. They can record video and store them on a small micro SD card. There are also many options that record in full HD video so that you won’t miss a thing. There are even certain cameras that will automatically record before and after a collision occurs.


The BLACKVUE DR600GW-HD has an app that allows you to watch your live or recorded footage in real time without removing the SD card. An additional option for a more discreet DVR is this Crimestopper SV-9159. This camera is held in an OEM Replacement Style Rear View Mirror. The screen can be used for playback and it’s completely invisible when it’s not in use.

Other Benefits

Furthermore, There are other benefits of using a dash cam. You could record a scenic drive or even watch your teen’s driving habits. This BOYO dash cam even comes with some additional features like lane departure and forward collision warning systems. Features like these can help prevent accidents from even happening.

In Conclusion, whatever case you may be using a dash cam for, it is good to give you that additional peace of mind while driving. You can take a look at some of our other dash cam options here on our website.