The last thing a driver wants is to wreck their vehicle. Whether you drive a beater car or one fresh off the lot, any equipment that goes into a vehicle should not only be adding to the driving experience but also maintaining passenger safety. While there is no federal law on the use of cellphones while driving, many states have banned the use of cellphones for teenage drivers or total handheld use for all adult drivers.

In 2016, California introduced a law that would allow drivers to use their devices when they are hands-free or voice enabled. The only exception to this law is that drivers must install a cellphone car mount for their device. Most states have similar laws and will allow you to mount your cell phone in a place where it will not be a distraction to you. In Indiana, they have laws in effect that only allow you to place a suction cup mount in a 4-inch square in the far-right corner of your windshield.

Which Mount to Get

To avoid the lack of dependability with suction cup mounts, it’s much better to use a vent or dash mount. There are little restrictions on these types of mounts because they do not limit your vision of the road since they aren’t placed on the windshield.

Nowadays, you can buy vent and dash mounts that will be able to securely hold your phone in place as well ass provide additional media features. Some secure your phone with a magnet while wireless charging the device. It even supports quick charge 3.0 which enables a faster charging option for your device.

Keep your Eyes on the Road

Regardless of which mount you end up purchasing, it is extremely important that you place it in an area that will not block your view of the road or be a distraction to you. Also, these mounts are used to make hands free options easier. Make sure to utilize voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant to help you keep your eyes on the road. There are even apps that simplify your device, like Android Auto, and only show you the apps and notifications you need. These cell phone car mounts are not an excuse to text now that your phone is now in a more convenient place. Always follows the traffic laws established by your state and local municipality.