Start searching “iPhone” on Google, and you’ll quickly notice that battery life is on the minds of a huge amount of cell phone users. And it’s no wonder – modern smartphones have so many features and capabilities that it’s surprising there’s room for a battery at all, and the battery that is built-in is quickly drained just utilizing the features the phone was designed for! Well, the fine folks at i.Fuzen had enough of singing the Battery Blues, and have developed an exciting new solution for the iPhone 4/4S. The i.Fuzen HP-1 is a stylish cell phone case for the iPhone 4/4S that protects your iPhone while enhancing it’s capabilities with a built-in battery and headphone amplifier.

Double Your Battery Life

Battery Chart
The brilliantly vibrant Retina display is a favorite feature of iPhone 4/4S owners, who have historically had to sacrifice brightness of the screen in favor of longer battery life. With the i.Fuzen HP-1, no longer will you have to limit your iPhone’s potential. The 1650 mAh backup battery built-into this slim case is more than capable of doubling the functional battery life of the iPhone.

Double Your Audio

Headphone Amplifier And Splitter
With all the power available in the onboard battery, it would be a shame if the HP-1 was just a power backup. Luckily, this case features a headphone amplifier designed to dramatically improve the quality and response of any headphones or portable speakers you plug your iPhone into. In addition to providing vacuum tube-quality sound, the proprietary J-FET OP-AMP amplifier is powerful enough to drive two pairs of headphones, which can be conveniently plugged into the dual headphone jacks on the bottom of the case.

The Antithesis of Dull

The HP-1 is available in Black in the “Original” version, and the improved “Sharp” version is available in both Black and White. The Sharp version offers these advantages over the already feature-packed Original model:

  • Unlimited Headphone Amp Usage While Charging
  • Longer Headphone Amp Usage
  • Auto Shut-Off To Extend Battery Reserve