Grado RS2i

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The Grado name is a familiar sound among true audiophiles.  For over 50 years, Grado has been the manufacturer and creator of superior audio components.  Today, they are known as one of the premier headphone manufacturers across the world.  Sonic Electronix is proud to carry the entire Grado headphones line and accessories.  As one of their authorized internet dealers, Sonic is able to offer the best warranty, the friendliest service, and knowledge about these headphones.

Manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, the Grado Labs are one of the few audio companies that still create their headphones in the United States.  The engineers at Grado firmly believe in making only the finest sounding headphones and will use whatever means to do so.  Inside the Grado Labs you will find sophisticated CNC production machines, as well as molding presses that date to over 45 years old.  No matter what machines are being used, the importance is always emphasized on sound quality.  This sound legacy can be found in each of their headphones, namely the Grado SR80i, the SR225i, as well as the Reference series RS2i.  As more of an entry level Grado piece, the SR80i offers excellent attention to each and every detail found inside your music.  It is ideal for those that take their music on the go with iPods, iPhones, and other portable music devices.  Moving up a notch in quality, you can discover the Grado SR225i.  These studio-grade headphones utilize high end UHPLC copper voice coil wire and vented diaphragm to replicate the fine accentuations of the music you listen to.  For those that are serious about their music, these prove to be an excellent pair of headphones.  But what about the extreme audiophile?  The individual that wants to head each and every acute detail in their music?  Grado has a released a pair of headphones that can do just this, and more.  The Reference series RS2i headphones are some of the finest, most natural sounding headphones available.  The superb playback is demanded by musicians, editors, sound producers, DJs, and anyone else that demands audiophile grade sound.  As mentioned before, Sonic Electronix is proud to carry a name like Grado and hope to share this professional audio with those seeking the finest headphones.