HD Radio

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For a few years now, a new phenomenon has swept through the aftermarket car audio industry that has enabled drivers to receive crystal clear radio station as well as many other advanced features.  This incredible and relatively new technology is called HD Radio and it is making a huge statement in the car audio world.  HD Radio, which stands for High Definition Radio is a revolutionary design that broadcasts a digital signal along with the traditional analog radio frequencies that we have relied for our entire lives.  The digital data that the HD Radio tuners are able to accept allows the driver to receive track and artist information so they always know who they are listening to.  HD Radio also allows “multicasting”, which enables one radio frequency to broadcast several different audio programs at the same time.  These multicast stations can only be heard with the appropriate HD tuner.  One of the most used features of the HD Radio technology is the iTunes tagging, which allows the user to save the song information on a attached iPod and load that song in the Apple store next time the connect that iPod to their iTunes. For more information of HD Radio and iTunes Tagging, check out Sonic Electronix’s FAQ Guide to HD Radio. This great technology has allowed listeners to discover new music and grow their music collection.  Until now, the HD Radio tuners have only been available in aftermarket car stereos.

Ford has announced that particular vehicles in their 2010 lineup of vehicles will feature a built-in HD Radio tuner.  In addition to the basic tuner, many of the Ford factory OEM systems will feature the popular iTune tagging feature.  For the first time in a factory audio system, this high definition radio service will be available to the public.  The HD audio is just the beginning.  We can look forward to HD Radio assisting OEM navigation systems in the future, just as it is with the JVC KW-NT3HDT.  By utilizing the HD Radio network, this aftermarket navigation device can receive free live traffic updates, weather, sports scores, as well as all the other HD Radio benefits that were listed above.   HD Radio is the future for OEM car stereos.