German Maestro GMP 400

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Music defines our lives and it accompanies us in everything that we do.  From the car to work and from our home to the gym, we are constantly listening to music.  Many professionals and hobbyists today need a reliable pair of headphones that will accurately reproduce the audio frequencies inputted into them.  For those that work in a recording studio or as a sound editor, professional studio monitor headphones are required.  In fact, many times the job depends on a quality pair of headphones.  With so much importance stressed with a pair of headphones, choosing the right pair can be a big decision.  German Maestro understands the importance of quality audio replication and manufactures headphones that will become an essential part of any office.

The German Maestro GMP 400 is a pair of headphones that are designed for professional use.  Studio professionals, recording artists, and musicians have been using German Maestro headphones because of the headphones attention to detail and the ability to produce crisp and clear sound.  The comfortable ear pads are perfect for long listening sessions.  The headband itself is adjustable to fit any size of head.  Using proven audio techniques, German Maestro has integrated several features that combine together to create an incredible listening experience.  Some of these features include the open ear design, the high 300-ohm impedance, the y-connector cables that attach to each ear can, and the sandwich diaphragm.  The wide audio playback has a frequency response of 14-24,100 Hz. Included in the box is a 1/4″ stereo adapter for connection to high powered equipment such as home receivers, DJ mixers, and other professional equipment.  With the amount of time that we spend listening to music, there is no reason to sacrifice sound quality.  With are pair like the German Maestro GMP 400, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality of audio reproduction.