Written By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Installing a car audio system in smaller cars can sometimes be a challenge.  For those that have a Volkswagen Bug, you know that there is not a ton of room to add large subwoofer boxes or a double DIN car stereo.  Even with the space limitations, there is still the ability to upgrade your audio system.  Recently the head Sonic Electronix Installer put a system in a Volkswagen Bug.  Lucky for us, we had a cameraman there to film the installation.  In this video, watch as Brendan installs a pair of Kicker COMP subwoofers, a Kicker 10ZX300.1 amplifier, and a JVC KDR-610 car stereo in the VW bug.  Once installed, the audio system sounded much better than the original system that came in the vehicle.

The installation consisted of removing the factory monsoon radio and replacing it with the JVC head unit.  The video shows how Brendan went about doing this.  After the wires are run and the new stereo is installed, he moves to the rear of the car to work on the amplifier.  He attaches a Kicker 10zx3001 car amplifier to the back of the rear seats.  With the amp mounted, it is time to work on the subwoofers.  He takes the two Kickers dual 4-ohm Comp subs and wires them to an impedance of 2 ohms.  The lower impedance allows the subwoofers to get more power from the amplifier.  With the radio, amplifier, and subwoofers all installed, this Volkswagen installation is complete!