AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD

By Kyle D. – Product Specialist

Lets be honest, factory car alarms just don’t cut it. More often than not they don’t trigger and what good does it do if you aren’t near enough to hear the alarm go off? Alas, we have the technology, and with technology comes power. You have the power to install an aftermarket alarm system in your vehicle that has a higher sensitivity, 2-way paging function, and even remote start. There are many types of car alarm systems for you to choose from.

Standard Car Alarm:
A generic add on alarm system will come with a shock sensor, siren, and a remote control. A great example of a standard car alarm is the Viper 350 Plus.  These systems often come with a few features, such as starter kill, panic mode, and lock/unlock. A standard car alarm mimics your average factory alarm system, except with more control options

Car Alarms with 2-Way Paging:
2-Way paging car alarm systems go a step beyond the norm, and add two way communications to your alarm. Look at the Viper Responder 350 for an example of this. If you lock your vehicle, the remote will inform you that your vehicle was successfully locked. Likewise, if your vehicle is being broken into, the alarm will notify the owner that their vehicle is in trouble. 2-Way paging systems have range limitations with some going as far as 1-mile from its transmitter.

Car Alarms with Remote Start:
Starting your vehicle from a mile away is not only cool, it’s beneficial. Car alarm remote start systems combine car alarms with the ability to start your vehicle from a distance. The AutoPage C3 RS-665 is a great basic remote start system. If it’s snowing outside, you can turn your vehicle on to heat it up before you get to it or even cool it down under the summer sun. Security features are built in and active while your vehicle is running without its driver. If you have a turbo charger, some of these systems come with turbo timers that keep your vehicle running a few minutes after its been shut off.

Car Alarms with 2-Way Paging and Remote Start:
To get all the features in one package they have 2-way car alarm remote start systems that give you the best of all the worlds. Consider the AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD for an all-in-one system.  Remote start your vehicle and receive confirmation on your remote control that it started successfully. Lock and unlock your car, get temperature readings and more with these aftermarket alarm systems.