Black Friday Rewind Sale at Sonic Electronix

The iPad changed the world’s perspective on tablet PCs. One-moment tablets were viewed as uncool and unproductive. The next moment they are leading sales and opening an entirely new view to productivity. In just a matter of weeks the world became converted to tablets. Now we are starting to see more of these devices appear for sales. Even thought they have different manufacturers, operating systems (OS), screen sizes, purposes, and functions, each of them are portable and open up a new level of productivity.

One such tablet is the Coby MID7015 Kyros tablet. Marketed as an Internet touch screen tablet, there are many more features and functions that this tool is capable of. The core of the tablet is the Android operating system. The open sourced OS allows access to a wide variety of applications and tools. This same system is found on many of the popular smart phones available on the market today. The major difference is that the Coby Kyros MID7015 has a 7” screen that is much larger than the standard Smartphone. This means that you can enjoy your favorite apps, movies, e-books, and photos on a screen that is bigger than your phone.

Browsing the Internet is made easy on the tablet. The built-in wireless adapter is able to pick up local wireless networks and connect for high-speed Internet access. You can also use the MID7015 as a media player with the headphone and HDMI outputs. Keep to yourself by listen to music while you work by plugging in some headphones. If you want to share your Kyros experience with others, use the HDMI output and an HDMI cable to connect to a HD display and export your audio and video. 4 GB of built-in memory support most functions, however that can be expandable up to 16 GB to support all you media needs. Get converted to the Android tablet with the Kyros Colby MID7015.