Toyota Parrot Bluetooth

Multi-tasking during the Holiday’s is an on-going theme. One moment you’ll be shuffling around to find everyone’s desired gift while keeping it a secret, and the next you’ll find yourself outside in the cold running Christmas lights along your rooftop. Everyone wants to be the play caller around the Holidays, but let’s face it, no one really is. Circumstance calls the shots this time of year, and you’re a victim to its constant beckoning to “Do this!” and “Finish that!” These stressful times can only be made more stressful when you’re sent out by our good friend circumstance to finish up the shopping. Out on the chaotic roads you’re faced with the ultimate multi-tasking challenge. Driving amongst fellow companions who also are multi-tasking through the Holidays and staying safe. The last thing you need this Holiday season is a loud interrupting ring from a phone in your pocket; make your stressful season a little more hassle-free this year with the addition of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth kits can be added to your vehicle without changing out any vital components like your car stereo. It will integrate seamlessly into your vehicle, and all you need to control this system is a simple knob. Universal Bluetooth kits will usually require you to cut some of your factory wiring from your vehicle, unless you buy a separate vehicle specific harness. Now, for Toyota vehicles Bluetooth integration just became easier. Introducing the Parrot BT-E600, this Bluetooth kit has Toyota specific connections to seamlessly integrate into Toyota vehicles without the need to cut wires. This simple Bluetooth solution is perfect for those who want to maintain the integrity of their factory wiring while adding a simple aftermarket solution for convenience.

So do yourself a favor this Holiday season and remove one extra distraction from your life. Circumstance can’t always control you. With a Bluetooth Hands-Free Vehicle Kit you can easily manipulate your phone. Hassle-free.