Free Shipping Day

Holiday Seasons are stressful for many reasons. The roads fill up with traffic and everyone’s mind seems to be somewhere else. If you’re not out somewhere in a long line, then chances are you’re stuck in traffic waiting to get into one. Ordering products online is one solution, but what about all of the shipping? Being so closed to the Holidays, it’s natural for one to assume that their chance of getting an online order in time for their special day is over. Fortunately this year there’s no need for you to join the frantic Holiday lines. Why? Because you know better. This week, December 15th – December 17th, is Free Shipping Day and Sonic Electronix will be taking part in the spectacular savings!

Free Shipping Day is an online-shopping promotion to help ease the stress out of your Holiday Seasons, so you can spend more time decorating and drinking hot chocolate by the Yule-log. This exceptional day is dedicated towards making your Holidays less stressful, and of course to save! All items on this promotion are available with free shipping to help patch up that hole that’s been forcefully burnt into your pocket. Not only is the promotion designed to help with savings but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your merchandise is going to be delivered before the all-important day. All items shipped out during Free Shipping Day are scheduled to be delivered before or on December 24th.

This can be extremely helpful on heavier products that can be tougher to ship. Sonic Electronix has a plethora of large products that can save you a bundle! You can pick yourself up some large high-output subwoofers that can weigh a ton! This promotion is available for all orders $20 and up that are shipping within the Continental USA. Enjoy the savings and convenience this year by celebrating Free Shipping Day with Sonic Electronix