Finding the Best Aftermarket Backup Camera for your Vehicle


Did you know by May 2018, automakers will be required install backup cameras in new cars? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been wanting this ruling for a while and for good reason – safety is important. The more vehicles on the road with safety equipment the better. Preventing accidents however we can is a good thing.

Although this ruling is for new cars, you can also have this safety feature in your current vehicle. This blog will help you find the best aftermarket backup camera on the market in 2016 for your car or truck.

Why get an Aftermarket Backup Camera?


You could probably answer that question already. Obviously safety when backing up is number one. You never know if someone may come rushing out behind your car for some reason. It’s best to have a backup camera for moments like these so you can react quicker, especially at night when you don’t have the best view of your surroundings.

A backup camera is also a great tool for parking. We all have those “I can make that” parking situations, and we end up being too far, hitting the curb, or worse hitting another car! Well, to prevent that from happening again, get a backup camera. This will not only help you nail those parking situations, it will keep your car’s bumper and tires from potentially getting damaged when hitting something.

Best Backup Camera Features


Here are some features to look for when trying to find the best aftermarket backup camera for your car or truck:


Weather resistant: Since the camera will be mounted outside of the car, making sure the camera is weather-resistant will make sure it will last.

Reverse Image: If the camera has a reverse image option, that means it will be able to be used as a front camera as well. If you ever decide to have a front and backup camera installed on your vehicle, then having a backup camera with a reverse image option can be useful.

Mounting: Aftermarket backup cameras come with many different types of mounting options. There are backup cameras with a license plate mount, full license plate replacements, lip mount, tailgate mount, remote mount etc. When choosing the best aftermarket backup camera, you have a ton of options for the perfect placement for your specific vehicle.

Viewing Angle: The larger the viewing angle, the more the camera will see. It is probably best to find a backup camera with a large viewing angle so you will have a better view of what’s behind you.

Lux Rating: When you’re driving at night you’ll want to make sure you still get good video quality. Checking to see if the backup works well in low light environments will be beneficial so you can see behind you at low light levels without missing any details. The lower the lux rating, the better the image quality will be at night.

Night Vision: Some aftermarket backup cameras have night vision capabilities. Some have built-in LEDs which will light up when the backup camera is engaged. Checking for this option can be very useful.

Installing an Aftermarket Backup Camera


You may need some more things if you want to install an aftermarket backup camera. Check out this video on how to install an aftermarket backup camera.

Best Backup Cameras in 2016


Here are some great picks for aftermarket backup cameras:



The BOYO Vision VTL300CIR Backup camera is a universal full license plate frame mounting system with built-in night vision. It’s a IP67 rated water proof system with a 140° viewing angle. It also has an adjustable reverse image which allows the camera to be mounted on the front or rear. This system is perfect to install a backup camera system for any car.


Belva BARCAM221


Another universal backup camera, the Belva BARCAM221 is a waterproof license plate mount system. The high resolution CMOS sensor camera has a super wide 180° viewing angle with a lux rating of 0.1. You can vertically adjust the camera to get the perfect angle.


Crimestopper SV-5130.IR


This license plate bar mount style backup camera can be adjusted up or down for a better viewing angle and easily fits over most vehicle license plates. The waterproof design, 120° viewing angle and night vision ability make it a great choice to easily integrate an aftermarket backup camera to your vehicle.


BOYO Vision VTK350


The BOYO Vision VTK350 is a small universal backup camera that can be installed in an ideal spot for your vehicle. It has a completely waterproof housing, 0.5 lux rating, 120° viewing angle and reverse image capabilities.


Crimestopper SV-6828


Another small remote mount backup camera, the Crimestopper SV-6828 is easily installed in an ideal spot for you vehicle. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, 180° viewing angle and reverse image ability.


Are these the Best Aftermarket Backup Cameras?


There are a lot of aftermarket backup cameras that you can get. Getting one that fits your vehicle the way you want should be one of the priorities. If these backup cameras don’t seem like the route you want to go, Sonic Electronix has a ton of aftermarket backup cameras to choose from for the ideal install. There are even some vehicle specific and unique mounting option available that weren’t in this selection.