D Note Technology Explained


Clarion has used Trigence Semiconductor’s D-note technology for the digital signal processing used in their new and innovative Full Digital Sound System. D Note Technology reproduces sound by feeding modulated audio signals directly into multiple speakers or voice coils. With this direct transmission of multiple digital signals to the voice coils, the speakers have more precise cone strokes. This is the technology responsible for this innovative digital sound system by Clarion.

Clarion Full Digital Sound System


Clarion Full Digital Sound System

Clarion’s Full Digital Sound System includes the Z3 Full Digital Sound Processor, Z7 Full Digital Speaker and the Z25W Full Digital Subwoofer. The system maintains the digital signal up until you hear it so there is no loss in fidelity of the signal. With a traditional system, digital-to-analog conversion turns the digital signal into an analog signal that’s boosted by an amplifier to drive the speakers.

D Note Technology – Digital to Digital


The Clarion Full Digital Sound System uses an LSI (Large Scale Integration) chip on each speaker to modulate the 12-volt power supply voltage which then drives the speaker – adding the program and power together. The LSI is a high output microchip that transforms electrical energy into sound pressure to further boost the output of digital sound. This is the D Note Technology.

The full-digital transmission from the digital audio source to the speaker reproduces a high-quality digital sound that is nearly identical to the source. The voltage and digital signal combines via the LSI chip. The voice coils transform the electrical signals to mechanical motions to produce sound. This process is more efficient than traditional car systems with an amplifier since it draws less power.

At the heart of all of this is the D Note Technology. This innovation is the reason the first full digital sound system has been achieved.

Full Digital Sound


Check out this video for more information on the Clarion Full Digital Sound System and how it works.