2016 Marine Speakers: Ready for the Summer


Is your music ready to be taken anywhere this summer? The best marine speakers of 2016 will make sure wherever you go, your music will be there in all of its glory. Marine speakers offer something other speakers don’t – durability in the elements! If you’re planning on hitting the trails, cruising on a boat or riding in the sand, marine speakers will still pound out tunes no problem. This guide will show you the best 2016 marine speakers on the market and why you should have them for your next trip.

Why get Marine Speakers?


The main reason to get marine speakers for your boat, UTV, ATV or other vehicle’s system is to make sure your speakers will last wherever you need them to. Getting a marine stereo and amplifier would also improve your system’s longevity as well. Here are some features to look out for when shopping for the ideal marine speakers:

Water-resistant: Full on immersion is probably out of the question for speakers that are water-resistant (most speakers and electronics in general are hard to make completely waterproof), but water spray and most light immersion situations will be fine. This is a must to be considered a marine speaker. Look out for water-resistant materials as well like rubber.

UV-inhibitor materials: A speaker with UV-inhibitors will not fade in harsh sunlight. Ultra-violet rays can be detrimental to the longevity of your speakers. The best marine speakers will utilize UV-inhibitor materials to prevent corrosion.

Stainless steel hardware: If the marine speakers come with stainless steel hardware, even better. Stainless steel does not readily corrode or rust so the hardware is perfect for use in marine environments.

Car Audio vs. Marine Audio: What’s the Difference?


You may notice a difference in price between marine speakers and car audio speakers when doing your research. If you’re wondering about the differences and/or advantages of marine products vs. car audio products, check out this Q&A with some of Sonic’s experts.

Best 2016 Marine Speakers


If you’re looking for the best marine speakers to use throughout 2016, here are some suggestions and a small review of each series. These are some great companies who specialize in marine products.

Polk Audio


The MM Series speakers are considered ultra-marine speakers because they have passed the 600 hours of salt fog and UV testing of the ASTM international B117-03 and D4329-99 standards. They come completely sealed at the front for protection against water and use stainless steel input terminals and mounting hardware. These Polk speakers may just be the best marine speakers for sound quality and affordability.

JL Audio


JL Audio’s M-Series marine speakers are true marine tested and designed with sound quality in mind. The M-Series has Centrex® UV-resistant polymer baskets and grilles, marine tested to last in salt-water environments and UV tested. The M-Series is purpose-engineered for infinite-baffle (“free-air”) applications, built for real marine duty and has been specifically designed to deliver maximum audio performance in any open-air boating environment.

Wet Sounds


Wet Sounds’ Salt Water 808 Series utilize advanced materials and design techniques to ensure both outstanding sound quality and long lasting life. With the Nylas™ speaker frame and grilles. Wet Sounds is known to be a leader in marine audio and they surely prove it with the Salt Water 808 Series marine speakers.


Are these the Best 2016 Marine Speakers?


Hopefully this makes your selection process easier. These are our picks, but there are a ton of great marine speakers out on the market. You can go to the Sonic Electronix Marine Speakers category to find more options to choose from. You can also check out the best wakeboard tower speakers of 2016 blog if you’re looking for some great wakeboard tower speakers options.