Nixeus Fusion HD (NX-1000 HD)

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

A high definition network media player allows you to enjoy your movies, music, videos, pictures and other shared media files on your High Definition TV, Home Theater/Audio System, and PCs that are digitally stored in your devices.  Connected to your home router, you can also stream these digital media files from a centralized storage location or share them to multiple devices and view them on TVs or multiple displays.  The Nixeus Fusion HD comes included with a Wireless-N adapter and 10/100 Ethernet port connection for wired networking with your home network.  With an internet connection, you can also enjoy unlimited web entertainment (Flash Video is not currently supported on built-in web browser). The Nixeus Fusion HD is capable of playing 99% of available digital file formats so you don’t have to worry about having the proper media decoders or convert them to playback your digital files.

The Nixeus Fusion HD is Designed to Compliment your Home Theater and Audio System
The Nixeus Fusion HD supports HDMI 1.3, Stereo (CVBS), and S/PDIF (Optical) audio outputs to allow for different home theater and audio applications.  Licensed and certified by HDMI, the Fusion HD can up convert, display and play video up to full 1080P 60Hz to provide rich full high definition pictures for you to enjoy on your High Definition Television. The Nixeus Fusion HD is licensed and certified by Dolby Digital and DTS to playback their supported audio formats along with passing through Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio to your home audio receiver.

Unlimited Digital Entertainment at the Touch of Your Remote (Or Mouse and Keyboard)
The Nixeus Fusion HD comes ready with internet entertainment and supports USB mouse and keyboard for easy web browsing.  The built-in web browser allows you to surf the World Wide Web to stay up to date with information and news on Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.  You can finally enjoy quality YouTube videos and Flickr photos on your high definition television and you no longer have to be confined to your PC monitor.  Nixeus’s own Fusion Channel allows you to enjoy international internet video content from all over the globe and you may also add your own channels or add the most watched internet channels to the favorites list.  With Live 365 and SHOUTCast internet radio stations you can enjoy live music from all over the world in the comforts of your home.  Built-in BitTorrent Client allows you to download your latest torrent files.  The Fusion HD is also licensed and certified by UPnP 1.0 and DLNA 1.5 certified to allow for third party software providers assist with streaming digital media files from your PC or from the internet to the Fusion HD to allow playback on your HDTV.  Using PlayOn (Third Party) UPnP streamer you can access and play NetFlix movies and internet video sites such as Hulu, CNN, and SpikeTV.

Managing Your Digital Life
With the cost of digital hard drive storage getting cheaper every month, it now makes practical financial sense to store them in internal and external hard drives.  The Fusion HD supports an internal hard drive up to 2 Terabytes (not included) which allows you to potentially store up to 256 DVD quality videos (8GB each), or 40 Blu-Ray videos (50GB each), and 500,000 music files or 500,000 mpeg pictures (4MB each).  Using digital file compression you can potentially store much more of your digital media files.  If you have a Network Attached Server (a PC with multiple hard drives connected to your router), the Nixeus Fusion HD can also access them and stream them to your HDTV.  With an installed internal hard drive, the Fusion HD can also function as a centralized network storage device (NAS) and stream or transfer files to all your networked devices.  The Fusion HD also supports USB 2.0 and eSATA connections to allow you to connect digital card readers, digital cameras, USB Hubs and external hard drives to further extend storage capacity.  You no longer have to go on a treasure hunting mission to locate your digital media files stored on your DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CD disks!

Making Your Digital Life Portable
The Nixeus Fusion HD does not have to be networked to your home router and confined to one area.  With an installed internal hard drive, or USB/eSATA external hard drive, or USB flash thumb drive, and any other connected USB device the Fusion HD can play back digital media files from a variety of connected devices.  You can also transfer files from your PC or other storage devices using the Fusion HD’s USB Client port – which allows your PC to see it as a connected external storage device.  Now you can take your digital life anywhere you go! You can finally share and enjoy them with friends and families in their homes, in your automobile, in your boat, while you are on vacation or holiday – anywhere that you can connect the Nixeus Fusion HD to a TV or Monitor and a power source (additional international power adapters/car converter not included).

The Digital Entertainment World and Technology is Constantly Evolving
Nixeus Technology, Inc is committed on providing quality high definition network media players and products. The Nixeus Fusion HD has a friendly graphic user interface and is designed to make your digital media life easier and more enjoyable – now and for the future!  Nixeus engineers are constantly working on future firmware updates that will add new features and functions that will enhance your digital experience.