Q3HD RearThe ZOOM Q3HD is a revolutionary “Shoot and Share” video recorder that combines high definition 1080p video with high fidelity digital audio. The ZOOM Q3HD enables you to record 1080p high def video at 30fps and 720p high def video at up to 60fps. With the included 2GB SD card you can record up to 45 minutes of HD video in 720p although you can use up to a 32GB SD card for 7 hours of HD video. There is an HDMI port built right into the recorder for instant playback on a high definition television, or stream video right into another digital device.

Q3HD FrontWhat makes the Q3SD so special is its ability to simultaneously record high fidelity digital audio as well as video. This is made possible by built in stereo condenser microphones. They are the exact same microphones that can be found on the industry standard ZOOM H4n field audio recorder. The H4n is trusted by a great number of audio professionals for video production and broadcasting the world over and the Q3HD sports the exact same stereo condenser microphones. Configured in a 120° coincident X/Y pattern the Q3HD’s mics perfectly capture stereo a stereo image for remarkably realistic audio playback. With up to 24/96kHz resolution better than CD quality audio recordings can be made at the push of a button.

Q3HD SyncUploading your videos to the Youtube or Facebook is a breeze with the Q3HD’s built in USB cable. The video formats are MPEG-4 or .MOV format and can be important into any video editing software very simply or you can use the included HandyShare editing software to be making and sharing your own videos in no time.

The ZOOM Q3HD features an insanely high max SPL level of 130dB. That means that you can use the Q3HD in incredibly loud environments such as a rock concert or right on a drum set without clipping out making the Q3HD perfect for taping shows. To replicate the Q3HD’s performance you would need a comparable video recorder as well an addition audio recorder and the ability to sync them both up. This handy recorder is truly a unique device with the ability to go anywhere while running on AA batteries meaning you’ll never have to put your video production on hold while you charge an internal battery.