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Why you Need a Cell Phone Car Mount

The last thing a driver wants is to wreck their vehicle. Whether you drive a beater car or one fresh off the lot, any...

Top 3 Gadgets for Truckers

Being a trucker is a lot of hard work so we decided to recommend a few items to make your lives easier while on...

How to Use MediaBridge with Siri Integration

Audiovox and Dice are pleased to announce that their MediaBridge 1500 line of products now has Siri Vehicle Integration. Siri commands iPhones to choose...

California Legalizes Hands-Free Texting While Driving

In a world where technology gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, it’s not always easy following the rules....

The Oxygen Audio oCar Stereo Receiver

The Facts The oCar, by Oxygen Audio, is one of the first in-dash receivers that fully integrates your Apple iPhone into your vehicle. Being built...

Got2bWireless Hands-free Bluetooth

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Getting quality Bluetooth integration can be a challenge, especially when the integration is using the factory car stereo.  There...