You have your amplifier in hand, checked its dimensions, and now all you have to do is mount it inside your vehicle. Amplifiers can be sensitive to electrical and motor noise interference and they can even negatively affect your radio reception. The rule of thumb is to mount an amplifier at least 3 ft. away from your radio. So, where exactly do you put an amplifier?

The most common place to mount a car amp is in the trunk or cargo area of a vehicle. Often times, amplifiers will be mounted to the back of the rear seat on wooden slabs to prevent heat build-up. Keep in mind that wherever you mount your amplifier, it should have a few inches of air space around it to properly dissipate heat built-up. The trunk or hatch area usually has enough space for larger amplifiers where other locations do not.

The second most common spot to mount an amplifier is under one of the front seats, or under the rear seat in some trucks. The advantage to this is your RCA cables will be shorter and the speaker wire to the front will be easier to run. Cargo space is not usually sacrificed with an under seat mounted amplifier, however your limited on the size of the amplifier.

Get creative with your install, always check to make sure you do not drill through any power or fuel lines when mounting your amplifier, and give it plenty of airspace or add in a fan to keep it cool.

How to Install an Amp