Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12

In order to stand out in the car audio industry you have to be able to introduce products that are not only great in quality, but that feature technologies that set them apart from the rest of the industry. For true car audio followers the technologies found in products are the most important and pivotal characteristics that will defer them from one company to another. Rockford Fosgate is well known for having speakers that produce great sound quality and subwoofers that have a deep bass. What sets them apart from other subwoofer and speaker making companies, are the technologies that Rockford has created for their products. In particular their Vertical Attach Surround Technique, or VAST, technology. This technology that is used is what helps give Rockford an edge over their competitors. The VAST technology can be seen in all of the T1, T0, P3, and P2 Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer series, as well as in all Rockford Fosgate Punch and Power speaker series. At its central idea VAST technology is very simple but what it offers is beyond what we see in any other car audio company.

VAST surround technology is able to increase effective radiating cone area by up to 25% without complicated installation issues. This is done by creating a new design and manufacturing technique that eliminates the large flat glue surface, or the landing, thus allowing the surround to shift for increased cone area. Essentially what the technique does is change the way in which the surround attaches to the basket of a subwoofer or speaker. By bringing the surround closer to the basket, VAST technology is able to produce a larger cone area which in turn improves the nominal efficiency and maximum output of a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer or Rockford Fosgate car speaker without changing the integrity of the structure itself. When relating to excursion levels and surface area 25% is a very high increase in performance and output and for this very reason is VAST technology is essential to the growth of not only Rockford Fosgate but also the car audio industry. VAST technology will be a new standard for all manufactures because really who wants to pay more for less. With VAST you can rest assure that every inch of surface is being used for optimum performance and that with this technology Rockford Fosgate will stay true to their vision of Power and Attitude.