MotionX GPS

JVC Mobile introduced a new 2011 Double-DIN media receiver line-up featuring their El Khameleon proximity sensor technology. This in-Dash receiver is designed for the ultimate in an audio/video entertainment experience in your vehicle, with an even more interesting bonus add-on. iPhone application support mode has opened the doors for some pretty cool ways to get an affordable navigation system in your ride. The JVC KW-AVX640 and JVC KW-AVX840 are both designed to support iPhone application streaming directly onto the radio. This allows for the video on the iPhone to be displayed directly onto the car stereo, and the audio to playback through the speakers. What’s extremely beneficial about this, and how it can help improve your driving experience? iPhone users have an App available in the App store marketplace called MotionX-GPS Drive that has an easy to use GPS interface and can work directly with these compatible JVC In-Dash Receivers.

When in App mode you can connect the iPhone while running the Motion-X GPS Drive application to display the navigation on your in-dash car stereo. While navigating a route, directions are spoken over your speakers through the JVC KW-AVX640 or JVC KW-AVX840. You can even listen to music and the commands will seamlessly integrate with the playback sounding like it was made to be. Keep in mind, since your using the iPhone in Application control mode, you’ll need to take out all navigation controls directly from the iPhone, so you won’t have control over the new system from the JVC KW-AVX640’s or KW-AVX840’s touch screen. Instead, you’ll use the iPhone as a controller to the GPS system on JVC Mobile’s multimedia screen.

This MotionX-GPS Drive application should also work well with other In-Dash Multimedia Receivers with Application mode, such as Pioneer’s new AVH series of 2011 In-Dash Media Receivers. Application mode is just another step to car stereos future, and it’s certainly a step that is convenient and allows for the ultimate in today’s car audio entertainment.