Focal has been consistently known as one of the top brands in all of audio for many years now. However, are they actually even worth the price tag? Are they actually as good as they say they are or are they overpriced? The answer to that question really lies within what is most important to you as a consumer.

If you are someone who is looking to get the best bang for your buck, then you should probably be looking elsewhere for your audio system. They heavily emphasize their quality of materials to differentiate themselves from the competition. They offer lines with speaker cones made of flax, carbon fiber and even Kevlar.

Innovative Technology

They also emphasize their unique technology. For example, their tweeters are typically inverted dome tweeters. This technology improves the efficiency of the tweeter while offering high dynamics.

They also have implemented many other innovative ideas that improve the damping qualities of their speakers. The “W” sandwich cone, the Polyglass cone, and the beryllium tweeter all have an emphasis on high rigidity.

Quality materials combined with innovative technologies produce the highest fidelity audio system available on the market.

Unique Design

The last important quality that Focal uses to differentiate themselves is their emphasis on their unique look. Focal wants their appearance of their speakers to standout in a world of black and grey rubber speakers. They don’t look like anything else on the market. Their Utopia line look like a piece of art and their K2 Power Line have an unmistakable yellow cone.


Who Are They For?

At the end of the day you are buying a brand. The reputation behind Focal precedes them. They are known as one of the premier brands in audio for a reason. They are not the speaker for everyone, but Focal seems to be okay with that. They separate themselves through their innovative technology and design. They do that by designing and manufacturing everything themselves.

Are they worth the price tag? The answer to that question comes down to where your priorities lie. If you have the resources to purchase Focal audio equipment, you definitely won’t be disappointed.