To simplify the buying process this blog makes no mention to handlebar speakers. The focus is on bagger speakers because this is where you get the best sound from.

Major characteristics to consider when purchasing motorcycle speakers are: wattage, features available, size, input source, and weather resistance. However, the most important thing to consider is what speaker is going to be heard over the roar of my engine? Keep in mind there is never a universal truth when it comes to aftermarket audio, choose what works best for your needs.

Best Motorcycle Speakers of 2019

1. Polk Audio db652

Step up your motorcycle’s audio performance with Polk Audio’s revolutionary db652’s. The db652s are IP65 marine certified and have undergone rigorous salt-fog, UV and humidity testing to ensure they can withstand even the toughest weather conditions. The speakers are constructed from a UV resistant polypropylene cone with a waterproof inner and outer surround.

The dynamic balance technology emits rich, clear, and precise sound while the reduced mounting depth and zero protrusion tweeter design offers a precise fit for all motorcycle, marine, automobile, and ATV/UTV applications. So if you are looking for a speaker that is built to last with premium sound quality, look no further because Polk Audio is number one on my list.

2. NVX VSP65


At no surprise NVX really stands out on this list. The low price point and high power output makes this the logical choice for anyone looking to ride their Harley cross country with their favorite music blasting. The high quality materials includes a silk dome tweeter, stamped steel basket for a sturdy foundation, and a nitrile butadiene rubber surround supporting linear movement for optimal accuracy and durability. The high temperature TSV voice coil provides current distribution while effectively dissipating heat. Meaning these speakers will endure whatever you throw their way with a smile on their face.

3. Sony XS-MP1621

Sony has been a household brand for decades. But now they have left the comfort of your living room and made their way to the open road. These motorcycle speakers have a shallow mounting depth making for an ideal upgrade. The vast frequency range produces pronounced highs while contributing assertive lows. Lastly the removable grille makes for easy customization.

4. Kicker PSC652

These are another great 6.5″ option that offer a good amount of power at 120 watts RMS per pair. They are also weatherproof which will help protect them against the elements. These speakers were specifically designed for powersports.

Sonic Secrets

Use NVX Sound Damping Materials

NVX SDMP80 sound dampening

Line your bagger with NVX sound damping materials and you will immediately hear the difference. This material will reduce rattles and shakes by adding weight to the desired panel lowering resonating frequency. What stands out here is the fact that NVX is 30% thicker than the competitors while remaining price competitive. The material is 100% Butyl Rubber with no fillers. This 2.3mm thick layer reduces heat, increased SPL and most importantly quiets vibrations.

JL Audio Thin-Line 10TW3-D4

JL Audio Thin-Line 10TW3-D4

We all want bass, but only if it is of top quality. And many of us are under the impression bass is not an option for your motorcycle. Well it is with the Thin-Line 10TW3-D4. Now bass is suddenly portable. JL Audio intended for this to be installed in your motorcycle’s bagger because of the shallow 3.25″ mounting depth.

At 400w RMS your basshead fixation just got filled. You can power this woofer at 200w if you need to but JL Audio recommends you use anywhere from 300-400w for optimal sound. The experts recommend the XD300/1v2 monoblock amp because of the amp’s compact design and the advanced rollback protection. Happy riding and make sure to visit our blog for more articles like this one!

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