Vibe Audio Facebook Contest

Do you want to win a free pair of speakers? For the month of June, Sonic Electronix and Vibe Audio are holding a contest where four lucky winners are going to receive new speakers for their car! It is fast and easy to enter the contest. Simply guess the number of butt connecters in the image and you will have a chance to win. Those with the 4 closest guesses will win. Follow the steps below and you could be on your way to some new car speakers.

How to Enter:

  1. Go to the Vibe Contest page on Sonic Electronix’s Facebook
  2. Become a fan (if you haven’t already)
  3. Click the “Make a Guess” button to submit your guess and enter the contest!

The prizes for the contest are Vibe Audio car speakers. Each winner will be contacted and let Sonic Electronix know the speaker sizes that fit their car. Sonic will then award the winner two pairs of speakers for their car. Being a new company in the United States car audio market, Vibe Audio is just beginning to catch on. However, they have been leading the European circuit for many years. If you are looking to a great upgrade to the speakers in your car or just want to try out something new, consider Vibe Audio speaker.

The Prizes:

1st Place: VIBE Audio SPACE Speakers
2nd Place: VIBE Audio Black Air Speakers
3rd Place: VIBE Audio Lite Air Speakers
4th Place: VIBE Audio SLICK Speakers

For complete details about the Vibe Audio Guess How Many Contest, head on over to the Sonic Electronix Facebook Page.