Car speakers come with a variety of features. Some of the features can vastly impact the sound that you hear when the speaker is playing. Other features may not severely impact the sound quality, and some other features may be purely aesthetic and have absolutely no impact on the sound quality you hear from the speaker. A car speaker consists of both a mid-bass driver as well as a tweeter. When these are played together they can replicate a larger frequency range from roughly 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The tweeter is designed for the higher frequencies, and more vocal frequencies. Different materials can be used to manufacture a tweeter; the primary materials used are either a metallic composition, or a textile composition. Other special blends are used, but these are the main textures to consider.

Soft Dome tweeters are considered to be less bright and smoother than a metallic based tweeter, and some consider metallic tweeters to be more accurate than a soft dome tweeter. It all depends on your personal preference. If soft dome is your preference, silk is a popular material to be used. Sonic Electronix has taken three popular speakers that use silk dome tweeters and highlighted some of their key features and benefits.

Alpine SPS-610
The Alpine SPS-610 is a great option to consider when it comes to factory replacements and for upgraded aftermarket sound systems. These Type-S Series Speakers by Alpine are designed with high grade components to allow for smooth sound reproduction. The new Type-S speakers also feature a new cone which allows faster energy transfer and improved clarity.

Massive Audio VX6
Next up is the Massive Audio VX 6 speakers. These VX series speakers are designed with heavy gauge steel baskets and a UV protected polypropylene injected cone. With fully isolated tinsel leads and a high flux strontium ferrite magnet these speakers are designed to pack a punch on the mids and smoothly replicate the high frequencies.

Polk Audio MM651
Finally, the Polk Audio MM651 speakers are designed using a neodymium magnet to maximize power handling and installation space. Painstakingly designed with a klippel distortion analyzer for optimized sound quality, the Polk Audio MM651’s are designed for upgraded audio systems with an amplifier capable of driving them.