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Whether you're trying to overfill your car with bass or create the perfect sound, there is a set up that's right for you . You...

Vibe Audio Guess How Many Contest

Do you want to win a free pair of speakers? For the month of June, Sonic Electronix and Vibe Audio are holding a contest...

Things to Look For When Buying New Car Speakers

It’s common for someone to ask “Which speakers would be right for me?”  Well, putting together a car audio system can require a lot...

Vibe LiteBox Class GH Amplifiers

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist Finding the maximum power with minimum weight are not only important factors when creating supercars, but also important when...

Authorized Vibe Audio Dealer

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Across the world there are car audio manufacturers that design, engineer, and create high-end audio products.  Many of these...

Vibe Black Death QB69

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist Pushing the envelope and finding those revolutionary designs is what makes VIBE Audio the premier British car audio manufacturer. ...