Many of us recently had an opportunity to share a special meal with loved ones, consider all the things for which we’re thankful, and maybe even watch a ball game. And, millions of us geared up for Black Friday and a hectic weekend of holiday shopping, too. But what would Black Friday be without those brave enough to man the sales stations? Just another Friday.

Henry Ford once said that customers, not companies, pay an employee’s wages. But wages aren’t the only motivation for workers here at Sonic Electronix. We love what we do and that’s why it was no surprise that so many of our employees volunteered to help customers on Thanksgiving Day. From day one, we’ve worked to make sure our customers can call in and experience a personal relationship with our team. That kind of commitment necessitates more than just occasional holiday duty; it requires a genuine desire to help and a passion for our products.

Sonic Electronix Staff

Here’s what a few of our employees had to say about working Thanksgiving Day:

“I enjoyed helping during the busy Holiday. A lot of customers were interested in getting gifts and personal items, so I wanted to help make sure their Holidays were as stress-free as possible. People were very upbeat and wished me Happy Holidays. A few hoped I had a great meal waiting for me at home, which I did.”
-Ricky C.

“Working Thanksgiving was not bad at all. It was nice to see that Sonic will go the extra mile, not only for their customers, but for their employees as well. I know my customers enjoyed getting all the right gifts for such great prices on Turkey day!”
-Steven R.

“Working on a holiday such as Thanksgiving might seem wrong to some people, but I’m proud that I volunteered to assist customers bypass Black Friday hassles, and was still able to enjoy a nice dinner afterwards. It truly was a ‘win-win’ situation.”
-Cameron M.