When it comes to remote control cars and helicopters, World Tech Toys has a selection of RC vehicles that are superior to most and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. One of the biggest problems with remote control helicopters is the issue of stability. Often times you will get your chopper in the air, but then expend a great deal of effort trying not to crash it. Our selection of RC helicopters from WTT all have a built-in gyroscope that serves to stabilize and control your helicopter while it’s in the air so you can focus on flying, and not crashing.

Popular Features of Remote Control Vehicles

When shopping for your RC Helicopter, be sure to look into the amount of channels that are supported. To put things simply, the more channels the better. If you are flying a 2-channel helicopter, you will have control over the main rotor blade speed for up and down movement, as well as the speed of the rear rotor for directional left and right control. The main problem with a 2-channel copter is that it will not fly forward and backward. However, our selection of 3-channel and more remote control helicopters will give you complete control over all movements and positions. And of course, the built-in gyroscope will do the job of stabilization while air born.

Have Fun without Hurting Yourself

Now you won’t need to worry about handing the controls over to your kid, because these miniature vehicles are made from durable and lightweight metal and plastic materials. This means you can land a little harder without worrying about snapping off a propeller or crushing the fuselage. Never worry about your helicopter spiraling out of control and crashing into yourself, because there are key features that have been implemented into the design to prevent such a thing from happening. When shopping around for a toy for yourself or for a loved one, have no fear because this user-friendly toy will last the test of time and will surely deliver enjoyment to both the pilot as well as onlookers.