By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Amplified subwoofer enclosure boxes include an amplifier specifically designed for a subwoofer and vice versa. There is a growing demand for powered subwoofers in the car audio community. For years consumers have used prebuilt amplified subwoofer enclosures to help save space in their vehicle. The biggest benefit of these combo packages is that they conserve space in the trunk. Some are even designed with an angle so that it is easier to squeeze subs behind your vehicle’s seats.

Initially powered subs were mainly considered as decent options for car audio novices who did not know how to select the proper enclosure, amplifier and woofer combination. The first prebuilt, matched amplified subwoofer systems were beginner level in terms of sound quality and bass reproduction. However, manufacturers have made great strides in their recent designs. Instead of just throwing systems together as in years past, manufacturers started to use their technological insight to create amplified systems that feature precise calibration and perfect tuning. In light of this development, even experienced audiophiles now consider purchasing amplified boxes preloaded with subs.

The Infinity BassLink is one of the revolutionary systems that changed the general perception of amplified subwoofers. This powered sub is designed to save space, yet it still packs plenty of punch. The built-in 200 watt Class D amplifier provides power to the loaded 10” subwoofer, resulting in steady bass despite its compact size. In terms of square footage, you can’t find a system that provides more bass per cubic feet—this model only requires .75 cubic feet of cargo space!

Of course, the sheer convenience of systems like the BassLink is a huge plus. Mounting and installing the BassLink is a cinch. A BassLink can be mounted vertically or horizontally. With four low-level inputs, it is simple to configure a BassLink with either your factory or aftermarket system. Once it is hooked up, audiophiles will love the total control they have over the BassLink’s sound output. The face of the BassLink includes accessible controls for adjusting the gain, crossover frequency and bass-boost. In addition, the BassLink has a built-in wired remote that enables you to control the sub’s volume from your dash. Considering the amount of features at such a small size, the BassLink is an amazing package.

Other manufacturers have also shown tremendous progress in their powered sub designs. The MTX Audio X ThunderLink XT110P is an innovative amplified 10” subwoofer package. This powered sub is sleek enough to fit in sedans, but powerful enough to fill the airspace of an SUV. Like the BassLink, the ThunderLink is easy to configure with almost any factory or aftermarket system. Customizing the ThunderLink is easy too, as the face of the unit features adjustable controls for volume, bass boost and crossover control. You have the option to mount it horizontally or vertically, and it will take up much less space than many enclosed subs.

Another great sounding and convenient space saver is the Kenwood KSC-SW10 powered subwoofer. Featuring a uniquely designed 5” x 7” subwoofer, this system can fit under your seat. Despite its size, this unit delivers a vibrating bass thump in your vehicle. Like the BassLink and ThunderLink, it includes a wired remote that enables you to control the bass from the dash. Perhaps most importantly, the included mounting hardware makes it easy to add this bass package to your system.

These powered subs are a simple and practical solution for all types of car audio enthusiasts. Prebuilt, powered subs are designed with the optimal port size and internal wiring for your convenience. These packages are ready to be mounted in your car. Wire them to your head unit and get ready to bump!