JL Audio 12W7

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

For 35 years, JL Audio has provided the car audio industry with high-end consumer electronics. JL Audio has produced many landmark products in the car audio industry. In fact, the W7 series subwoofers by JL Audio are among the most noteworthy products in the car audio industry.

JL Audio incorporates six innovative patented technologies in the 12W7 subwoofer. Combining all six of these exclusive technologies resulted in a subwoofer that is in a class of its own. Most auto subwoofers are either extremely loud or clear, but the W7 can do both equally well. This is why the 12W7 sub is so unique. It can produce tight, clearly defined sound as well as deep, booming bass. This rare versatility of sound reproduction directly traces to the remarkable dexterity of the cone and the sizeable voice coils.

The technology behind the JL 12W7 subwoofer is truly mind boggling. It is built to perform at full throttle, as the exclusive Floating Cone Attach Method holds the voice coil in place when the sub hits peak excursion. The plateau-reinforced spider attachment also ensures that your subwoofer will keep pumping out bass beats for a long time to come. Further, these W7 subs have an OverRoll foam surround, which enhances the bass output without sacrificing cone’s diameter. The foam surround also promotes the durability of this car subwoofer.

In a vehicle, protecting your car audio products from the heat can be difficult. If you want your electronics to perform for a long time, keeping them relatively cool is of the utmost importance. Of course, JL anticipated this when they designed the W7 subwoofer. This sub has built-in technological enhancements to prevent the voice coils from overheating. Both the vented alloy frame and the cross-drilled pole piece promote air flow and keep the sub cool.

Why is the 12W7 one of the best subwoofers? It goes beyond the impressive 1,000 watts of RMS power. The flexibility of this subwoofer is so great that it can nearly double the peak linear displacement of a competing subwoofer’s driver. The unique W7 series subwoofers feature a W-shaped internal cone, which enhances rigidity. This W-Cone technology helps reduce distortion and improves response time.

The JL Audio W7 subwoofers will not disappoint. Adding them to your vehicle will leave you with not only one of the loudest, but also the most distinguishable system in your neighborhood.