Let’s face it, everyone loves to listen to music.  It’s expressive and makes us want to dance..horribly.  However, there are situations where you might find yourself without a speaker to play your favorite tunes.  At the beach, at work, attending your local fight club, or whatever you’re into, there is almost always an opportunity to create a soundtrack to your life. There are some portable speakers that rise above the rest in terms of quality and unique features.

Aliph Jawbone Jambox

Aliph Jawbone JamboxOne of the first manufacturers to enter the portable headphone scene was Aliph Jawbone.  They released the very popular Jambox which has many positive reviews.  The Jambox is bluetooth making it very easy to connect to your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible devices. The huge user-friendly buttons on the top make it seamless to navigate through your music and pick a song that fits the environment.  Also, the battery lasts up to 10 hours so you can party all night long.  What more could you ask for?

Diamond MSP100
Diamond MSP100BThis little speaker is ideal for laptops, MP3 players, and cellphones.  The very unique shape of the speaker allows the user to place it in locations they otherwise would not be able to such as a cup holder.  The retractable cable makes it a no-brainer in terms of portability and storage. Just plug and play your device through the 3.5mm jack and you’ll be in musical paradise for up to 6 hours of play time!

Monster ClarityHD

Monster ClarityHDProducts by Monster do not usually disappoint.  The ClarityHD is no exception with its Bluetooth compatibility and built-in microphone for answering calls without your phone. You can also use the Noise-canceling Bluetooth speakerphone for Skype and other video chat programs. This unit is specifically meant for optimization with blackberry devices which is pretty rare nowadays.  When it comes to Monster portable speaker, these are one of the best.


HMDX AudioThis little guy is similar to the Diamond MSP100 with some major difference.  This is a Bluetooth speaker with a shape the can contour to that of a cup holder. This is significant because you can place this speaker in your car’s cup holder and use the Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone allowing for a complete Bluetooth solution for your car! This makes it one of the most unique portable speakers we carry.

Pioneer Steez

These things are pretty legit if I do say so myself.  The Pioneer Steez portable music systems are like your own personal DJ. It has Mixtrax technology which enables you to accomplish tasks like tempo control and DJ mix which creates a non-stop mix by genre with transition effects between tracks.  It also has many equalization features so you can truely customize your music.

All of these great options give you no excuse to live without music in all aspects of your life!