Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Use a Bluetooth audio receiver as an alternative to your standard single or double DIN head unit. Specifically designed for marine, motorcycle, and ATV/UTV use this device is weatherproof and durable. As riding and boating season approach; use a Bluetooth receiver to play your favorite music off your aftermarket system no matter where you go.

The install process takes 5 minutes and you’re done. Control your system with your iPhone, Android smartphone, or almost any Bluetooth device. The line-level/auxiliary input allows for BT or direct connection to your amplifier as the source unit.



The XUBT4 by NVX takes the number one spot. I am confident to have this as my top rated Bluetooth audio receiver to dare the reader to try it for themselves.

With an effortless membrane switchpad, this device is ideal for your ATV/UTV, boat, and motorcycle but not limited to these vehicles. Designed for loudspeaker application in a system that would otherwise require a head unit.

The simple design puts you in control. Play/Pause, fast forward/rewind, skip/backtrack with six buttons. Suddenly your smartphone just became the epicenter of your system.

The NVX XUBT4 is a versatile Bluetooth receiver that let’s you add wireless audio streaming to any mobile audio system. As long as you have a 12v battery, amplifier, wiring, speakers and proper installation; you can control your entire system with this compact device.

 2. JL Audio MBT-CRX


Number two is JL Audio’s MBT-CRX. This  IPX6 water-resistant receiver is designed for almost any application.

LED illumination contributes to the aesthetic appeal while adding utility for night time listening. Whether your Chaparral is pulling wakeboarders, your Polaris is riding through the mud, or your Harley Davidson is taking you on a cross-country adventure; the MBT-CRX makes for an ideal control pad.

With 35 feet of Bluetooth range you are not restricted to just sitting in the driver’s seat. This device is intended to control high power systems, so do not doubt this receiver’s ability to handle your 3,000w system; it can with ease.

3. Wet Sounds WW-BT VC

Wet Sounds WW-BT-VC

As of April 20, 2017 the WW-BT VC controller is the most expensive product on the list. I have and always will be a fan of Wet Sounds, but the XUBT4 and MBT-CRX are less expensive with the same application. What I like about the WW-BT VC controller is the easy installation process Wet Sounds integrated into the design. Choose between a surface mount or a flush mount; either way you’re in control.

With a 3.5 mm output, you can easily connect an equalizer or don’t the choice is yours! This device works so well the experts say you don’t need one. If you prefer to use an equalizer, I recommend the WS 420 SQ from Wet Sounds as the ideal mate. This allows you to customize the highs, lows, and everything in between.




A close fourth is the MTX Audio MUDBTRC. With a five button front touch panel this device can be used blindfolded. This IP66 weather resistant Bluetooth remote control has three mounting options. Whether you choose to surface, flush or clamp mount, rest assured this compact device is tough enough to last through the elements no matter where you place it in your vehicle.

With the mounting cup, the dimensions are still under 3″. This is a great addition to any system, you can control your favorite audio without having to go through the trouble of finding a head unit to install. Rather the MTX Audio MUDBTRC serves the exact same purpose, at a lower price point with an easier install process.


5. MB Quart N1-WBT

MB Quart N1-WBT

Last but certainly not least, we have the MB Quart N1-WBT. As of April 20, 2017 this is the least expensive product on the list with the same functionality. This marine certified weatherproof Bluetooth receiver is the perfect match for your boat, four wheeler, golf cart, ice chest theoretically anything you can think of. A surface cradle mount comes standard giving you the option to mount this device anywhere on your dashboard. Or pop it out of the holster and hold the device in your hand when selecting the next song, there are no limitations.

Once you find the ideal mounting location, ensure there is at least 1″ of clearance. The user is also give the option of a flush mount. This levels the device with your dashboard so it is not protruding out. The benefit is the unit is better protected and looks like a stock feature in your vehicle. With such versatility, this device lets you decide based off your lifestyle.