When constructing your aftermarket car audio system, do not overlook the importance of getting the best 6.5″ coaxial car speakers into your vehicle. Coaxial speakers add life to your music and fit right into factory locations. A tweeter is mounted atop the driver, working in perfect harmony to produce your favorite music.

This blog highlights the best engineered coaxial speakers available right now. These car speakers are easy to install and a major upgrade to stock sound. Characteristics to consider when purchasing 6.5″ coaxial car speakers are: mounting depth, space available, RMS power, sensitivity, your budget, music preference among other attributes.

Ultimately the brand you use in your system makes a huge difference. Better products bring a better listening experience; something we all desire.

1. Infinity Kappa 62.11i

Infinity Kappa 62.11I

The number one spot goes to Kappa’s 62.11i. Revolutionized to fulfill your car audio dreams, my favorite feature is the UniPivot tweeter. Rotate and aim the tweeter however you desire to improve sound quality and your listening experience. If that wasn’t enough, the mounting depth is just 2 and 3/8″ making the installation process a breeze. Run this set off an aftermarket head unit or an amplifier with as little as 5 watts RMS.

  • A sensitivity rating of 95dB ensures a high power range without over working your system
  • A 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty is rare within the car audio industry
  • 150w RMS can be powered on as little as 5 watts but for optimal sound use 75w RMS
  • 2 ohm impedance provides higher output than competitors

Kappa gave this 6.5″ speaker a 1″ Soft Dome Fabric tweeter reducing distortion. With a vented motor the voice coil is able to breathe reducing power compression at high outputs.

Also the Plus One technology allows for more cone area. An increase in cone area means more air displacement and in turn louder sound.

The carbon-injected material produces a lighter and stiffer cone. All of these features give you accurate low frequencies and sound quality that are associated with speakers twice the size of this Infinity Kappa 62.11i.

2. Alpine Type-S SPS-610

Alpine Type S SPS 610

The SPS-610 is CEA-2031 certified with 160w RMS. This speaker gives you a lot of bang for not a lot of buck. Alpine is known for its’ reliable products producing pristine sound and the SPS 610 is no exception.

The tweeter swivels more than 10 degrees to help with sound tuning. A 1″ wide range silk dome tweeter provides high resolution and wide band response all optimized by a magnet circuit for higher efficiency.

A butyl rubber surround provides natural response and stability allowing your music to sound organic straight from the studio. Lastly the FEA optimized motor structure comes with a high grade strontium magent reducing magnetic leakage.

Overall you get way more than what you pay for with this unit. Alpine is a trusted brand because of premium products like the SPS 610.

3. JL Audio C1-650x

Enhance your listening experience with the new C1-650x from JL Audio. This easy to install coaxial speaker fits right into OEM locations. Multi-adapter rings come standard with this model and allow you to install these speakers in most 6″ locations as well as 6.75″ locations. This speaker needs as little as 10 watts; you can run it off your factory deck!

Please note when installed the speaker frame must securely fit into the mounting hole before you tighten the screws to avoid damages. This’ll prevent air leaks causing degradation in your sound. If air leaks do occur simply seal with automotive grade sealant.

  • Sensitivity: 93dB solidifies how efficiently these speakers run
  • 2.07″ top mount depth makes this compact speaker fit in almost any location
  • 100w RMS of pure clean sound contributes to your aftermarket system
  • .75″ Edge-driven aluminum dome tweeter ensures even the highest of notes are defined

“Before the release, these speakers were generating a lot of hype. After hearing them for the first time I can see why JL Audio was so excited for the release. They’re affordable, look great, and sound amazing! I highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for new coaxial speakers.” – Andrew Topplle, Technician at Sonic Electronix

4. NVX VSP65

I have been using NVX in my system and love the results. There are so many features on the VSP65 I absolutely love! The high temperature TSV voice coil provides superior current distribution while effectively dissipating heat. This brings you high output without the voice coil overheating ensuring the longevity of your speakers.

The recommended power range is anywhere from 5-125w putting you in control. The shallow mount depth of 2.5″ makes for a simple install. Check out this video from EXO; he is a legend within the car audio world. He gives an honest review and demo of the VSP65:

Not to mention the Y30 Ferrite motor structure maintains exceptional control over the driver for tight, crisp reproduction. A stamped steel basket allows for a sturdy foundation. The wide frequency response (70-20,000 Hz) dictates the large range of notes these speakers contribute. To summarize, adding the VSP65 to your aftermarket system is the perfect addition.

5. Kicker CSC65

Year after year Kicker manufacturers quality products that satisfy the audio cravings of millions of people. The CSC65 is an inexpensive alternative to stock sound that will redefine your car audio experience.

With pronounced highs and defined lows you get exactly what you need from a 6.5 inch coaxial speaker. You can power one of these single 6.5″ speakers with as little as 10 watts but for optimum playback it is suggested you use 100w a channel.

The frequency response covers 40-20,000 Hz which is not an easy feat for such a compact speaker. Kicker continues its’ legacy of ingenuity and sound quality with this speaker.

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