Technical Pro PM-22

It has never been easier to dive right in and create high quality podcasts then with the Technical Pro PM-22. If you have been using a basic headset microphone then it is time to step out of the stone age and really step-up your production quality. The PM-22 Podcast Mixer board has gold-plated inputs for 2 microphones, 2 headphones, an MP3 input and a RCA channel input. Each channel has its own volume, bass and treble controls to fine tune your sound output. As a dual system setup, it’s easy to invite guests onto your podcast with their own microphone and control. The PM-22 connects to your computer via a USB cord for a no fuss installation. The mixer is powered by an AC/DC adapter that plugs into any wall socket; however a 9V battery system gives your podcasts mobility for on-the-go recording sessions.

The pro-grade high sensitivity dynamic XLR microphones pick-up every “um” and exhaled breath note with clarity. These can easily be removed with the included software for professional and seamless audio tracks. For convenience, microphone stands are included to keep your mic at a proficient distance that will pick up your voice clearly while decreasing unwanted background noise. The comfortable HP-20 headphones bring the studio home so you can listen to every nuance of your podcast in detail before uploading it to the web.

Hardware aside, the PM-22 comes with Audacity software to create and edit your audio tracks as well as export them in MP3 format. You do not need to be tech savvy or a sound engineer to unleash your podcast potential. Step-by-step instructions can guide you through the entire podcasting process whether you’re new to the experience or a veteran. If you need to increase the production value of your podcasts and make them more appealing, the Technical Pro PM-22 will increase your sound quality and polish off your handy work. Podcasting has never been easier!