By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

To kick off this exciting New Year, JVC sent a representative to come teach our customer service associates about their new products as well their best-sellers that they are bringing back from 2009. Not only did this give our associates the ability to learn, but it gives them the opportunity to offer the best product for your application. Here a few new items from JVC that will be popular in the year 2010.

New this year is the JVC KW-NT3HDT, an all-in-one 6.1” Double DIN LCD Multimedia receiver. This particular player comes with a detachable face panel and variable color illumination that allows you to choose from over 30,000 colors to match your vehicle. This unit also has multiple other solutions to make life easier which includes built-in navigation, Bluetooth and HD radio. This unit combines so many awesome features that almost unheard of in one in-dash receiver. The navigation on this unit is flash-based with full map coverage of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and over 6 million points-of-interests. The HD Radio with iTunes Tagging will allow you to tag songs that you have heard on the radio and purchase them later on iTunes. Lastly, the built-in handsfree Bluetooth has phone book transfer, wireless audio streaming and private mode.

Not looking for navigation? No problem. The JVC KW-AVX830 is a full 7” Double DIN Receiver with built-in Bluetooth and detachable face. This receiver allows for personalized display and backgrounds that includes four wallpaper options to match any vehicle application. Playback includes CD, MP3, WMA, DVD and iPod/iPhone control. As with a few other JVC units, the KW-AVX830 has the proximity sensor. This allows for the screen to be completely black and turn on once your hand reaches for it. This is especially helpful at night when you don’t want a bright screen in your vehicle.

If you don’t have enough room for a Double DIN receiver, JVC has multiple options of single DIN receivers. One popular model is the KD-A815, a single DIN CD Receiver that has a full dot LCD Display and separated variable color illumination; this will allow the buttons to be one color and the display to be another. Not only does it have great display features but it has built-in Bluetooth and a front auxiliary and USB input. These inputs are compatible with iPod/iPhone and other MP3 music playback. As for the Bluetooth, you can make handsfree calls and access up to 400 phone book contacts.

These three units are just a few of the new products coming out this year along with new subwoofer, speakers and amplifiers. JVC really taught us a lot about these upcoming items and we are happy to share our knowledge with you!