Here at Sonic Electronix, we’ve got a lot of subwoofers. But there are a select few that can be called true monsters of bass. Subwoofers that put out so much power, so much SPL that they measure on the Richter scale (ok maybe not… but still). So, without further adieu we proudly introduce the biggest and baddest subwoofers of Sonic Electronix.

RE Audio XXX18D2

The RE Audio XXX18D2 18″ subwoofer is definitely one that was “built for brutality.” Not only does it have incredible competition level SPL, but it is cable of outputting amazing sound quality. With an RMS rating of 2000 watts and peak power handling of 4000 watts, this sub is one you have to hear to believe! And although this subwoofer pushes extreme amounts of power, it’s features allow it to produce bass that is extremely clean and tight. This subwoofer is an 18″ dual 2 ohm sub that features 3″ four layer aluminum flat wire voice coils, dual progressive spiders, a dual composite 2-piece cone, and a split coil design. What does this all mean? More power, more bass, more SPL! If you are serious about the bass as well as the sound quality in your car, this subwoofer is for you!

JL Audio 13W7 Anniversary Edition

Up next on our top five is the JL Audio 13W7AE-D1.5This particular 13″ dual 1.5 ohm subwoofer is their tenth anniversary edition and features multiple patented technologies like DMA-optimized motor systems, OverRoll Surround, W-Cone technology, Elevated Frame cooling, and Floating Cone Attach Method. This technology helps keep the subwoofer cool while increasing excursion and delivering cleaner sound. It has an RMS rating of 1500 watts, which makes this sub push extreme amounts of power! This subwoofer is the perfect component to any car audio system to improve it’s bass, sound quality, and sound pressure level.

Orion HCCA154

Orion’s HCCA154 competition subwoofer is another one of our biggest and baddest subwoofers! For starters, this 15″ beast has a massive 4″ high temp voice coil and immense motor allowing this subwoofer to reach as much as 4″ of excursion travel. And more travel, means more bass! The power handling peaks at 4000 watts while it has an RMS rating of 2000 watts! They also have an enhanced voice coil cooling system to prevent overheating of this powerful subwoofer. There is a replacement cone kit available that allows you to easily swap out the blown voice coil and surround with a new one!

Earthquake HoLeeS

Next up on our biggest and baddest subwoofers of is the Earthquake HoLeeS 12″ monster! This subwoofer delivers an impact smoothness and depth of bass that is absolutely stunning. It has an incredible amount of power with an RMS rating of 5,000 watts and it’s peak handling power of 10,000 watts! On top of all of it’s features, it also includes a five year warranty! It delivers insane SPL and clean, tight sound. And the extremely loud and low bass that this sub reproduces will leave you saying “Holy S***!!

Massive Audio Rhino

Last but certainly not least for Sonic Electronix’s biggest and baddest subwoofers of all time is the Massive Audio Rhino 15″. This subwoofer also has an impressive RMS rating of 5,000 watts, making it insanely powerful for any system! It features a huge 4″ voice coil, making it the perfect subwoofer for producing extremely deep and clean bass. And that is our list for the biggest and baddest subwoofers of Sonic! Remember to check out our great selection of subwoofers at! Until next time, see ya’ll later!

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