SonicBux are an easy way for you to save some money on your Sonic Electronix orders. You can earn SonicBux in a variety of ways, reviewing products you ordered (up to 10 reviews per year earn SonicBux as long as you’re logged into your account), participating in special market research or through other special deals we run! There is no limit to how many SonicBux you can have on your account at one time and they can be redeemed on any order over $100. SonicBux are worth $1 each.

Redeeming your SonicBux is as easy as earning them is.

Step 1: Add to Cart
Once you are finished shopping and have everything in your shopping cart and click the checkout button.

Step 2: Click the Checkout Button
From here, you just need to sign in to your Sonic Electronix account. Since you’ve already bought from us, your shipping information is already in our system.

Step 3: Log Into Your Account
After your shipping information is entered, click to go to the final checkout page.

Step 4: Click the Go to Next Step Button
Once you land on the page where you enter your payment information you can check the box titled ‘SonicBux’ located in the ‘Use Available Credits’ box. You then have the option of entering the amount you wish to use on your order (your total balance is listed as well). Once you enter the amount, the discount will be applied to your order.

Step 5: Use Available Credits
So next time you visit Sonic Electronix, review some of your previous purchases, look for SonicBux deals and save yourself some money on your next order!