Wireless is the way to go, especially if you love to listen to music throughout your whole house as much as I do. I was getting tired of moving my iPod dock every time I wanted to listen to music from my iPod in a different room. Sony has made it much easier for me with their AIR-SA20PK Wireless iPod audio system. It is a wireless, two-speaker system that allows you to place the speakers in separate rooms without having to run any wires. My favorite feature on this Sony audio system has to be the multi-zone and dual source function; this feature enables you to play your iPod in one room, while another speaker is playing the AM/FM radio in another room. With its full function remote control for both the transmitter and the speakers, as well as the simple plug-n-play installation, the Sony AIR-SA20PK is easy to operate and install. Another feature I enjoy is the multi-functional speakers, which are equipped with an alarm clock that will awake you to the iPods music or AM/FM radio, sleep timer, LCD display for the viewing of track information, and not to mention the outstanding sound quality they produce. The entire system can be expanded up to 10 wireless speakers, which can provide an ultimate surround sound system dedicated to the iPod.  With the 10 compatible speakers I can place a speaker in every room of my house so no matter were I go, my music will always be right there with me.  Fully compatible with a TV connection, you are able to display the iPod video content on a television or a home theater system. Sony’s S-AIR iPod dock works with the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Mini and iPod Video models and has 1 set of rear audio RCA inputs for a connection of a secondary audio source. With all of its features and expandability options, this is a great wireless audio system for an affordable price.