Kenwood KAC-8105D

Earlier this month we wrote a blog and discussed the Kenwood KAC-7205. It was a new 2-channel amplifier released at the beginning of 2010. The entire line of this year’s Kenwood amplifiers is definitely a noteworthy set of amps that your entire audio system can appreciate. Today we would like to discuss the single channel amplifiers in Kenwood’s Performance Series. Both the Kenwood KAC-8105D and the Kenwood KAC-9105D are efficient monoblock amplifiers that could be perfect to power your systems subwoofer. The 8105D is designed for a more moderate audio system with a max power output of 1000 watts, or an RMS rating of 500 watts at 2 ohms. The 9105D is made for the higher end mobile audio system with a maximum output of 1800 watts and a continuous power rating of 900 watts at 2 ohms. Being CEA-2006 compliant, we can trust that these amps will perform to the standards that Kenwood states that it will. For those that are looking to really enhance the overall bass of their audio system, either of these Kenwood amps can be the perfect link between the car stereo and the subwoofer. Whether your plans are to retain your factory OEM stereo or upgrade to an aftermarket in-dash receiver, these amps will suit you well. They feature a speaker level input for connecting directly to the factory speaker leads. The built-in cooling fans will ensure that this amplifier is as cool as possible during operations and helps the amplifier keep from overheating.

While this amplifier is great for mid to high-level systems, I have found that the price is comparable to many of the entry-level amplifiers out there. While the prices might be similar, the features are what really set this amplifier apart from all the others. The cooling fan, gold-plated contacts, CEA-2006 compliancy, 4-way protection circuitry, the tuned bass boost, and the dual mono driver are just a few of the many different features that set the Kenwood Performance series a step above the competition. While these amps might be a little too much power for your basic entry-level subwoofer, they are a great solution for the mid-level and higher-end car audio systems.