Car Amp and sub combos at Sonic Electronix

This past weekend Sonic Electronix visited MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, CA for a day of go-kart racing! Members of each department formed two teams: Operations vs. Support. These two teams took it to the track for a couple of fun and competitive races. Racers first competed in a qualifying round of 14 laps around the indoor custom-built track. The track simulated a road course with S-curves, chicanes, and hairpin turns. As the racers neared the end of the qualifying round, they felt the pressure and began taking more aggressive passing opportunities. At the conclusion of the qualifying round, team Support took the lead and send 4 of their 6 racers on to the final round.

The final race began with a rolling start with the racers in formation and lined up according to how they qualified. After the single lap around the track in formation, they put the pedal to the metal and began the real racing. The competition was cutthroat and the racers were on the track to win. After some intense and nerve-racking laps, the race concluded and the racers tried to wait patiently for the results.

Overall, Sonic Electronix had a fun and enjoyable day at MB2 Raceway. Everyone that came participated in two races, each with 14 laps. Even though the Support team had the fastest lap times, everyone that was there received a medal. The racers with the top 3 times were awarded trophies and the pride of knowing they were the fastest of the day. Whether the racer was in it to win or just along for the ride, they had fun and walked away smiling.

MB2 Raceway go-kart winners at Sonic Electronix

1st place
Name: The Craig Bennett
Title: Art Director
Racing Team: Support
Average Lap Time: 26.889

2nd Place
Name: Seth Wilde
Title: Product Content Manager
Racing Team: Support
Average Lap Time: 26.890

3rd Place
Name: Mike Carrasco
Title: Inventory Controller
Racing Team: Operations
Average Lap Time: 27.772