By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The aptly named SMART-CAR-SUB-BOX is the perfect subwoofer enclosure for any fortwo Smart Car owners looking to maximize their sound system’s bass without using too much cab space. Adding a vehicle specific subwoofer enclosure to your car ensures that your aftermarket car audio system will match your vehicle’s cab dimensions. This fortwo SMART car subwoofer box is custom built for SMART cars. This sub box allows you to fit a 8” sub without sacrificing any trunk space. In fact, these boxes are designed to fit perfectly under the SMART car’s dash. The fact that this box does not take up any cargo space or leg room makes it a must-have considering the diminutive dimensions of a SMART car.

Given that this subwoofer box is exclusively designed for SMART cars, the manufacturer designed it to match the SMART car’s interior colors. At first sight friends may even ask you if the box came factory standard given the fact that this box does not compromise the vehicle’s factory appearance. With this box, you can maintain the car’s factory look as this box seamlessly integrates with the standard interior design of a SMART car. The carpet is finished with a black paint gloss that gives it an aesthetically appealing finish that also enhances its durability.

This custom SMART car box is designed for 8” subwoofers. Two of the best subwoofers for this box are the Kicker Solo-Classic 8” subs (09S8C4 dual 4 ohms or 09S8C2 dual 2 ohms) and the JL Audio 8” W3v3 series subs (8W3v3, 8W3v3, or 8W3v3 8 ohms). After you choose your subwoofer, you are ready to mount the loaded box into your SMART car. The box is packaged with the necessary mounting hardware to make it very simple to install.

Once you install your box and sub, you will have great sound in your SMART car without clashing with the vehicle’s interior design and dimensions. Besides, using this sub box setup will help set apart your SMART car’s sound system from the rest of the crowd.