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The Essential Guide to Car Subwoofers

A car subwoofer is a type of speaker specifically designed to reproduce low-frequency sound, also known as bass. Subwoofers are typically larger...

Car Subwoofer Buying Guide: Finding The Bass For Your Vehicle

Adding a subwoofer to your car audio system will allow you to get that extra bass that will help enhance your listening...

Stacking Amplifiers for a Clean Audio System Installation

Properly designing a car audio system requires some thought. Choosing each component for your audio system can prove to make or a break...

MTX Audio JackHammer JHP212D Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor The MTX Audio JHP212D combo provides so much bass that it will make your vehicle sound like a...

SMART Car fortwo Under Dash 8″ Sub Box

By Gideon V. - Sonic Electronix Editor The aptly named SMART-CAR-SUB-BOX is the perfect subwoofer enclosure for any fortwo Smart Car owners looking to maximize...