Amplifiers are one of the most common aftermarket products after speakers to be added to an audio system. These devices boost the audio signal to help drive speakers and maximize output.

Alpine BBX-F1200 4-Channel Speaker Amplifier

Newcomers to car audio many will wonder if installing an amplifier is necessary, or worth the cost and time. While most head units have built-in amplifiers, it may not provide a big enough boost to your speakers to promote quality sound.

Factory-installed stereos will be much weaker without an external amp. If you are happy with the power and sound of your new speaker hooked up to your existing stereo, adding an amp may not be necessary. This can be especially true for those that do not enjoy loud music. If your car has the proper power, but experiencing distortion – a crossover can work to ensure the right frequency is going to the correct speaker. 

What many customers find, is once new speakers are installed and they crank up their favorite tunes they may want more power. If this is the case, then an amplifier will take those new speakers to the next level. 

The main reasons to install an amplifier

  • A solid external amplifier will provide higher volume, more power, and less distortion. These external amps provide cleaner audio signals versus your head unit and factory equipment.  
  • Amplifiers bring out the most detail and clarity from your audio, even if you are not listening to it loudly. Want to hear the cymbals better? The fine details from the piano or other instruments? Speakers that do not have an external amplifier will have trouble handling that clearly. 
  • If you have a subwoofer, an amplifier will be needed to power it properly. Since subs require a lot of power, a separate amplifier is a necessity.
  • Adding an amplifier does not require a large investment but can make a huge difference. Amplifiers do not have to break the bank. With tons of brands and options available at various price points, an amp is a relatively easy, cost-effective component that will noticeably improve your system.
  • Using a factory amplifier with new speakers can cause degradation of sound quality and the lifespan of the speakers. The power handling of your factory amplifier may also not match up to the speakers. For example, if your speakers can not handle the power output from your factory amp, speaker damage can occur.
Our in house experts can help answer any further questions that you may have with your new speakers, amplifiers, or other audio components. 
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